Duty Drawback Law


19 CFR Ch. I (4–1–12 Edition): PART 191—DRAWBACK

CFR Title 19 – Customs Duties is one of fifty titles comprising the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), containing the principal set of rules and regulations issued by federal agencies regarding customs duties. Below is a quick summary of content listed in Part 191-Drawback. To assist you in finding what you need quickly, we've included the PDF page number for each section. Once you open the PDF, just click on the page thumbnail link at the top left to get a listing of pages in the regulation. Open 19 CRF (PDF)

191.0 Scope.
191.0a Claims filed under NAFTA.

Subpart A—General Provisions (Page 3)
191.1 Authority of the Commissioner of Customs.
191.2 Definitions.
191.3 Duties and fees subject or not subject to drawback.
191.4 Merchandise in which a U.S. Government interest exists.
191.5 Guantanamo Bay, insular possessions, trust territories.
191.6 Authority to sign drawback documents.
191.7 General manufacturing drawback ruling.
191.8 Specific manufacturing drawback ruling.
191.9 Agency.
191.10 Certificate of delivery.
191.11 Tradeoff.
191.12 Claim filed under incorrect provision.
191.13 Packaging materials.
191.14 Identification of merchandise or articles
by accounting method.
191.15 Recordkeeping.

Subpart B—Manufacturing Drawback (Page 20)
191.21 Direct identification drawback.
191.22 Substitution drawback.
191.23 Methods of claiming drawback.
191.24 Certificate of manufacture and delivery.
191.25 Destruction under Customs supervision.
191.26 Recordkeeping for manufacturing drawback.
191.27 Time limitations.
191.28 Person entitled to claim drawback.

Subpart C—Unused Merchandise Drawback (Page 25)
191.31 Direct identification.
191.32 Substitution drawback.
191.33 Person entitled to claim drawback.
191.34 Certificate of delivery required.
191.35 Notice of intent to export; examination of merchandise.
191.36 Failure to file Notice of Intent to Export, Destroy or Return Merchandise for Purposes of Drawback.
191.37 Destruction under Customs supervision. 191.38 Records.

Subpart D—Rejected Merchandise (Page 31)
191.41 Rejected merchandise drawback. 191.42 Procedure.
191.43 Unused merchandise claim.
191.44 Destruction under Customs supervision.

Subpart E—Completion of Drawback Claims (Page 32)
191.51 Completion of drawback claims.
191.52 Rejecting, perfecting or amending claims.
191.53 Restructuring of claims.

Subpart F—Verification of Claims (Page 36)
191.61 Verification of drawback claims.
191.62 Penalties.

Subpart G—Exportation and Destruction (Page 37)
191.71 Drawback on articles destroyed under Customs supervision.
191.72 Exportation procedures.
191.73 Export summary procedure.
191.74 Certification of exportation by mail.
191.75 Exportation by the Government.
191.76 Landing certificate.

Subpart H—Liquidation and Protest of Drawback Entries (Page 39)
191.81 Liquidation.
191.82 Person entitled to claim drawback.
191.83 Person entitled to receive payment.
191.84 Protests.

Subpart I—Waiver of Prior Notice of Intent To Export; Accelerated Payment of Drawback (Page 40)
191.91 Waiver of prior notice of intent to export.
191.92 Accelerated payment.
191.93 Combined applications.

Subpart J—Internal Revenue Tax on Flavoring Extracts and Medicinal or Toilet Preparations (Including Perfumery) Manufactured From Domestic Tax-Paid Alcohol (Page 46)
191.101 Drawback allowance.
191.102 Procedure.
191.103 Additional requirements.

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191.104 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms certificates.
191.105 Liquidation.
191.106 Amount of drawback.

Subpart K—Supplies for Certain Vessels and Aircraft (Page 48)
191.111 Drawback allowance.
191.112 Procedure.

Subpart L—Meats Cured With Imported Salt (Page 50)
191.121 Drawback allowance.
191.122 Procedure.
191.123 Refund of duties.

Subpart M—Materials for Construction and Equipment of Vessels and Aircraft Built for Foreign Ownership and Account (Page 50)
191.131 Drawback allowance.
191.132 Procedure.
191.133 Explanation of terms.

Subpart N—Foreign-Built Jet Aircraft Engines Processed in the United States (Page 51)
191.141 Drawback allowance.
191.142 Procedure.
191.143 Drawback entry.
191.144 Refund of duties.

Subpart O—Merchandise Exported From Continuous Customs Custody (Page 51)
191.151 Drawback allowance.
191.152 Merchandise released from Customs custody.
191.153 Continuous Customs custody.
191.154 Filing the entry.
191.155 Merchandise withdrawn from warehouse for exportation.
191.156 Bill of lading.
191.157 Landing certificates.
191.158 Procedures.
191.159 Amount of drawback.

Subpart P—Distilled Spirits, Wines, or Beer Which Are Unmerchantable or Do Not Conform to Sample or Specifications (Page 53)
191.161 Refund of taxes.
191.162 Procedure.
191.163 Documentation.
191.164 Return to Customs custody.
191.165 No exportation by mail.
191.166 Destruction of merchandise.
191.167 Liquidation.
191.168 Time limit for exportation or destruction.

Subpart Q—Substitution of Finished Petroleum Derivatives (Page 54)
191.171 General; drawback allowance.
191.172 Definitions.
191.173 Imported duty-paid derivatives (no manufacture).
191.174 Derivatives manufactured under 19 U.S.C. 1313(a) or (b).
191.175 Drawback claimant; maintenance of records.
191.176 Procedures for claims filed under 19 U.S.C. 1313(p).

Subpart R—Merchandise Transferred to a Foreign Trade Zone From Customs Custody (Page 57)
191.181 Drawback allowance.
191.182 Zone-restricted merchandise.
191.183 Articles manufactured or produced in the United States.
191.184 Merchandise transferred from continuous Customs custody.
191.185 Unused merchandise drawback and merchandise not conforming to sample or specification, shipped without consent of the consignee, or found to be defective as of the time of importation.
191.186 Person entitled to claim drawback.

Subpart S—Drawback Compliance Program (Page 59)
191.191 Purpose.
191.192 Certification for compliance program.
191.193 Application procedure for compliance program.
191.194 Action on application to participate in compliance program.
191.195 Combined application for certification in drawback compliance program and waiver of prior notice and/or approval of accelerated payment of drawback.